Richmond Hill

Good choice! Of all our Jack Astor's locations, this is one of our favourites. "You probably say that about all our locations", you're thinking. And you're right. All our locations are fantastic, including this one. We hope to see you soon.

Been to Jack’s before? Then you’ll notice we’ve shaken things up a bit by adding some new menu items designed just for you. Fresh tacos, board nachos and a selection of mouth-watering burgers are waiting for your taste buds to enjoy. Plus, we now feature 40 beers on tap, including some fantastic local brews. Not big on change? Don’t worry. Juggy is still here! We also kept the same great food that made us special – like our chicken fingers, which we’re pretty sure create champions. Just ask Wendel Clark, Ben Johnson, Trish Stratus and Milos Raonic. They’ve been eating our chicken fingers for years. Who knows where they’d be without the Jack Astor’s balanced diet? Now let’s get down to business. May we take your order?

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